Get 10% OFF for All StoneCare4U Products with Coupon Code: SC4U10

StoneCare4U Offer of the Day

Get 10% OFF for All StoneCare4U Products with Coupon Code: SC4U10


StoneCare4U Offer of the Day

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Best StoneCare4U Products

We can check out the Algae Remover formulated to remove algae from any hard stone surface. It’s sufficient for both indoor and outdoor surfaces such as walls, wooden fence, roof and paving tiles. All you need to do is to dilute it and spray the algae and just watch it melt away. StoneCare4U Offer of the Day will supply you with the most effective Algae Remover if you have problems controlling algae growth on your pavement. Algae occur in porous stone surfaces such as wood, natural stone, concrete, and even tarmac. This can cues accidents because of its slippery surface.

StoneCare4U offer of the Day guarantees you of the most effective algae and lichen remover. Our products can protect your stone surfaces against future infestations.  All you need to do is to occasionally maintain the surfaces to give them that sparkling clean look. Future problems can be avoided by doing the washing like twice a year in case the solution was over diluted. An over diluted solution does not have the sealing effect.

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StoneCare4U supply a range of professional grade natural stone cleaners and sealers, as well as specialist formulas for the treatment and repair of natural stone, internal floors, block paving, roofing, tarmac, masonry and brickwork.